PYSQT is the PhD and Young Scientists in Quantum Technologies Network (PYSQT), an initiative aimed at promoting online and in-person activities where early stage scientists, such as PhD students and young postdocs, can meet and discuss about their work.

PYSQT organizes monthly online seminars, where young scientists can present their work in a friendly environment, and where invited senior researchers give broad reviews on different topics on Quantum Science and Technology.

If you want to present your work in a PYSQT seminar, please fill our resistration and proposals form. For any further question, or if you want to engage the organizing committee of the network, you can contact us through Twitter.

Latest Events

  • Online Seminar #3: Co-Design quantum simulation algorithm of nanoscale NMR
    Manuel G. Algaba (IQM & UAM) Quantum simulation has been one of the main topics of research in the realm of quantum technologies for years. In this talk, we will use it for modelling the hyperpolarization process on a nanodiamond, which can improve medical imaging. We will introduce the basics of hyperpolarization and…
  • Online Seminar #2: Squeezed lasing
    Carlos Sánchez-Muñoz (IFIMAC-UAM), Invited Speaker The laser, originally described to be as a “solution seeking a problem”, is now a ubiquitous piece of technology and arguably one of the most successful practical applications of quantum mechanics. The key property behind its success is its capability to provide high-intensity light with a narrow linewidth…
  • Online seminar #1: Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm for Bayesian network structure learning
    Vicente P. Soloviev (UPM) Bayesian network structure learning is an NP-hard problem that has been faced by anumber of traditional approaches in recent decades. In this work, a specific type ofvariational quantum algorithm, the quantum approximate optimization algorithm, wasused to solve the Bayesian network structure learning problem. Our results showed thatthe quantum approximate…

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