Quantum Information research in Spain finds itself in a critical moment. Still an emerging discipling in our country, due to its late adoption, the external economic circumstances and the lack of cohesion in the community when compared to other disciplines, these are all factors that threaten its growth and consolidation at a national and international level.

RITCE overall seeks the development of initiatives to consolidate Quantum Information Technologies in our national scientific and academic world, in collaboration with other entities and associations (Spanish Physical or Optics societies) that may share this primary objective. Among the tools that we consider are:

  • Promoting scientific and human exchange among the groups in the community.
  • The creation of international summer schools at a graduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Organizing the ICE workshops on a regular basis and promoting the realization of other international and exploratory workshops in collaboration with the network.
  • Helping groups in the international advertising of contracts and assisting researchers abroad in their applications to positions and those contracts.
  • Implementing actions that increase visibility of the community, through specialized webs with popular content, promotion of outreach conferences, and the dissemination of contents in press, tv, radio or specialized webs.

While created and managed by a reduced set of geographically distributed institutions, the network is open to all groups working in the field of Quantum Information Technologies and related areas, both to participate in its activities and to profit from potential grants and resources offered by it. Please use the contact form if you feel that we have inadvertently missed your group and wish to join.