The CSIC Platform on Quantum Technologies and the International Menendez Pelayo University (UIMP) organize an online summer school with a five-day practical introduction to quantum computing. The school will take place between the 6th and 10th of September 2021. The online lectures will cover topics such as quantum programming (QISKIT), variational quantum computing and machine learning, and applications in optimization and finance, as well as quantum-inspired algorithms. Registration is open until August 31, 2021.

List of speakers

  • Mari Carmen Bañuls (Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics)
  • Jacob Biamonte (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Alba Cervera Lierta (University of Toronto)
  • Jens Eisert (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Samuel Fernández Lorenzo (Q-Inspired)
  • Juan José García Ripoll (IFF-CSIC)
  • Alejandro Perdomo Ortiz(Zapata Computing)
  • Diego Porras (IFF-CSIC)
  • Juan Sánchez Torual
  • Germán Sierra (IFT-CSIC)
  • Roberta Zambrini (IFISC-CSIC)


  • Diego Porras (IFF-CSIC)
  • Juan José García Ripoll (IFF-CSIC)

More information and instructions on the summer school web page.