We would like to bring your attention to the ICE meeting organized by the Spanish Network on Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies.

ICE’s 4th edition will take place at the center of Madrid, within the historically relevant premises of CSIC’s first campus. The meeting combines two days of tutorials (10th and 11th) with a three day workshop (12th-14th) with invited and contributed talks and posters, on the topics quantum communication, quantum information theory, quantum simulation, quantum metrology and photonics and enabling technologies.
The deadline for submitting posters and oral contributions expires on the 15th of May. More information is available at the meeting webpage.
Meeting webpage: http://ice.hbar.es
Conference program: http://ice.hbar.es/program.pdf
Spanish Network on Quantum Information’s webpage: http://rice.hbar.es
Confirmed invited speakers and school teachers:
  • Mete Atature (U. Cambridge)
  • Alejandro Bermúdez (U. Swansea, IFF-CSIC)
  • Cesar Cabrera (ICFO)
  • Alexandre Dauphin (ICFO)
  • Lucas Lamata (UPV-EHU)
  • Markus Müller (U. Swansea)
  • Alexandra Olaya-Castro (UCL)
  • Momtchil Peev (Huawey)
  • Diego Porras (U. Sussex)
  • John Rarity (U. Bristol)
  • Renato Renner (ETH)
  • Philipp Schindler (U. Innsbruck)
  • Philipp Treutlein (U. Basel)
  • Hugo Zbinden (U. Geneva, ID Quantique)