In coordination with the specialized group on Quantum Information from the RSEF, this network provides ample coverage of news and announcements for the community through the following channels:

  • A mailing list, which is open to the whole community and is not moderated.
  • A dedicated news page with relevant and detailed announcements, which is what you are reading now.
  • A Twitter account that is also mirrored on the main page of this community and which is collaboratively maintained by the members of the specialized group.
  • A Facebook page that aims at mirroring the Twitter account.

These mechanisms aim at increasing the visibility of the community and in particular of:

  • Workshops, meetings and events;
  • Open door and dissemination activities;
  • Position announcements, open calls for grants, etc.

If you want to submit a news item in any of these or other fields, you may follow any of these channels, in order of preference:

  1. Send an open email to the mailing list.
  2. Tweet a news item with a link to the announcement to @qipcspain (You just have to add the @qipcspain tag to your tweet for us to learn about it)
  3. Send an email through the contact form above.