Carlos Sánchez-Muñoz (IFIMAC-UAM), Invited Speaker

The laser, originally described to be as a “solution seeking a problem”, is now a ubiquitous piece of technology and arguably one of the most successful practical applications of quantum mechanics. The key property behind its success is its capability to provide high-intensity light with a narrow linewidth and long coherence times. In this talk, I will discuss the idea of a squeezed laser, in which a macroscopic photonic occupation powered by stimulated emission develops in a squeezed cavity mode. I propose a possible implementation in the optical regime and discuss the quantum-optical properties of the emission. Above the lasing threshold, the emitted light retains both the line narrowing and frequency stabilization characteristic of a laser and the photon correlations characteristic of a photonic mode with squeezed quadratures, which opens news possibilities for applications in quantum metrology and spectroscopy.