The Spanish Network of Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies ( would like to announce the creation of the “PhD and young scientist quantum technologies network” (PYSQT). This subgroup is organized by the PhD students of the research groups that participate RITCE, but is open to students and young researchers all over Spain.

The goals of this group will be:

  • To improve the visibility of researchers and their work, through the organization of monthly open seminars (online and in-person).
  • To foster networking and collaboration, through in-person events at different locations of the network, as well as in other conferences organized by RITCE (such as ICE-7
  • To organize a series of colloquia from senior and keynote invited speakers selected by the members of PYSQT, to provide introductions and state-of-the-art overview to both fundamental and timely topics.

Initially, the events will adopt an online format, but in later editions of both the seminars and colloquia, the expectation is to provide a mixed format, through live-streaming of in-person talks, with travel expenses supported by RITCE and its members.

For those interested in this initiative, we would like to ask you to:

  1. Register to the [email protected] mailing list, which is the official channel for communications and announcements. This can be done in the following link: subscribe to qipc list. 
  2. Optionally provide your contact details, proposal for seminars, colloquia and activities through the official contact form 

Best regards

Guillermo F. Peñas

Paula García Molina

María Hita Pérez

J. J. García Ripoll (RITCE liaison)